Payman Fazly is a co-founder of Parent Footprint, an innovative platform that simulates the experience of sitting down with a therapist to enable parents to become aware of why their emotional reactivity is based on how they were parented.

Parent Footprint was founded by two passionate parents with completely different backgrounds with a shared common vision to apply the science of psychology and to harness the power of technology to create a more compassionate world with more loving people, one parent and one child at a time.

“A book about teaching and encouraging young children to be more loving people. A sweeping and highly readable guide to raising caring, sensitive kids.”
– Kirkus Review

“Driven by his awakening to the unconditional feeling of love for his children, Payman is propelled on a journey of understanding how his past has impacted all aspects of his life, including his ability to feel and show and receive love. A book about healing, Project Love inspires us to examine our life so we can live and love fully while raising our children to do the same.”
– Dan Peters, Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist/Author of Make Your Worrier a Warrior, From Worrier to Warrior, The Warrior Workbook, and co-author of Raising Creative Kids.

Project Love

Payman Fazly’s Autobiography

Project Love is a true story of how, and most importantly WHY the idea of “parent footprint” came into fruition.

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