We each have unique parent footprints on our minds and hearts, the same way we all have unique fingerprints. Our emotional psyche is like clay, and our childhood memories and emotional reactions to those events become just like a footprint on that clay that often have long-lasting impressions.

People often say: “I really love my children,” and “my parents really loved me.” We experience love only through our relationship to it. Therefore, to know the truth about love, we must examine the examiner. To know the truth about the love we’ve experienced sometimes requires the help of a trained professional to carefully review and examine our childhood history.

Even though the stigma associated with therapy has decreased over the last two decades, many people who can benefit from sitting down with a trained professional to gain awareness of the source of their life’s challenges are still hesitant to give it a try.

As my wife and I faced the painful reality of divorce with two small children, we failed to seek marriage counseling. That’s why I was inspired to co-create Parent Footprint Awareness Training® to simulate the experience of sitting down with a therapist, because I understand that many people are hesitant to walk into the office of a therapist.

Parent Footprint Awareness Training® is designed to help us become aware of why our emotional reactivity with our children is often based on how we were parented, and then allow that awareness to become a catalyst for change.

By becoming aware of how our past continues to influence and impact our present, we can drastically change the future for ourselves and our children.

More About Payman Fazly

Technology executive with over 30 years of experience in translation of business strategy to phased roadmaps and execution plans with demonstrated ability to create procedural-based frameworks to drive and measure progress towards expected outcome of the business.

Payman spent twelve years of his career at Cisco Systems Information Technology (IT) and led the design and deployment of Cisco’s project management framework, called Project Lifecycle (PLC).

Prior to joining Cisco, Payman was in charge of consulting services organizations at Intersperse, start-up software funded by Kleiner Perkins that was acquired by Cisco Systems, and at Otelnet Software, and at Saba Software, where he led the hyper growth of consulting services and directly contributed to Saba’s successful IPO.

Payman was a senior manager at Accenture, and Director of IT at Pacific Bell before it was purchased by AT&T.

Payman received an Executive MBA from Golden Gate University, and a B.S in Computer Information Systems from California State University, East Bay. He has completed Stanford University’s advanced project management program and received Stanford Certified Program Manager (SCPM) and was a professor of MBA program at Golden Gate University.