Project Love

“The quality of our lives depend on our love relationships, and these relationships are heavily influenced by our childhood.”

Project Love

Most of us approach marriage, forming a family, and raising children in a way we would never approach our business life. Just as successful companies have a process for defining a vision for success, we too can follow a similar process to consciously create our own vision of love and happiness.

I’ve leveraged the same project management methodology that is used by successful companies in Silicon Valley to empower us all to consciously define our own vision of love and to leverage that awareness to strategically and systematically manage love as a project, which I call: Project Love.

Project Love is my true-life story to inspire hope that the foundation of love is built on the shoulders of loving parents. This book is the saga of a father’s journey to illustrate why we must not be afraid to re-examine our childhood history. I wrote it because I know there are many people who are struggling and are unhappy without realizing what is happening to them.

Project Love is a systematic analysis and exploration of why most life crises have the issue of love at their core. It’s based on a proven psychological concept that our childhood experiences become the blueprint that we use to navigate our love relationships and the world.

The love for a child can help us see the world from a different vantage point. The essence of Project Love is to remind us all about the importance of love in all aspects of our lives, which is the foundation for a happy life that I plan to teach my own children.

Payman Fazly