Quantum physics has proven that any system will naturally fall apart over time unless energy is put back into that system from the outside. The natural progression of any love relationship, like any system, is to decay and disorganize over time unless we consciously and consistently fuel energy back into it.

Love ultimately dies out in any intimate relationship if it not reciprocated sexually. One of the silent killers of adult love relationships is lack of sexual energy. Love relationships gradually deteriorate over time when sexual intimacy is not sustained.

Most unhappy marriages often share the same symptom: lack of sexual energy. By looking at love relationships from an energetic point of view, we can better understand why more than half of marriages tend to naturally dissolve rather than evolve. We don’t necessarily need love for sex, but we do need sex in love!

We can gain valuable insights by studying the ancient methods of harnessing the energetic power of sex. Taoists discovered sexual organs can generate a significant amount of energy, which is our most refined energy force. The more we experience it, the more we open up and grow, becoming wiser and more attuned, more resilient, effective, healthier and happier.

Ancient Master Ni Hua Ching, in his book Changes and the Unchanging Truth, said, “There is nothing more powerful to prolong a human’s life than understanding how to be in harmony with our sexual energy.” Sexual energy nourishes our physical body the way sunlight and water nourish plants and allow them to flourish. Our beliefs about sex are deeply personal, yet sexual intimacy is the key indicator of the health of any love relationship.

Payman Fazly is a co-founder of Parent Footprint, an innovative platform that simulates the experience of sitting down with a therapist to enable parents to become aware of why their emotional reactivity is based on how they were parented and to allow that awareness to become a catalyst for change.

This blog is an excerpt from Payman’s recent book: Project Love: What Legacy Do You Want To Leave?

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