Our childhood home is our first school, and our parents are our first love teachers. Nothing promises us greater happiness than our love relationships. The quality of our lives depends on the quality of our love relationships, and these relationships are heavily influenced by our childhood experiences.

It is our own ability to experience love that has the greatest impact on our children’s core beliefs about their own. Marriage is one of the most powerful benchmarks for examining the impact of our ability to experience love on our children.

What every parent MUST know is that their children’s innocent hearts are like wet cement and how the impressions of their marriage will harden over time and ultimately forms their children’s core beliefs about love. We cannot inspire our children to believe in the possibilities of love and happiness when they see us unsatisfied in our own marriage.

What every parent MUST know is that the best gift they can possibly offer their children is a happy marriage.

Love is an act of self-evolution with the purpose of growth. As parents, we carry humanity on our backs because we must evolve personally, as individuals, so that our children and humanity as a whole can continue to evolve. Parents can single-handedly change the evolutionary path of the universe into a journey of love by role modeling what a loving relationship looks like.

Payman Fazly is a co-founder of Parent Footprint, an innovative platform that simulates the experience of sitting down with a therapist to enable parents to become aware of why their emotional reactivity is based on how they were parented and to allow that awareness to become a catalyst for change.

This blog is an excerpt from Payman’s recent book: Project Love: What Legacy Do You Want To Leave?

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